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Experience the Thrill: Pink Falcon's Go-Kart Racing Takes Jaipur by Storm!

Pink Falcon is a go-kart brand located in Jaipur, offering affordable and exciting racing experiences. We handled Pink Falcon's social media, sharing the thrill of go-kart racing. Our goal was to get everyone excited about their fun rides in Jaipur. From exciting posts to cool videos, we made sure their social media was buzzing with racing energy.

Through our work, we aimed to make Pink Falcon the go-to spot for go-karting in town. It was all about spreading the excitement and inviting everyone to join the racing fun. Our job was to make sure Pink Falcon's racing adventures reached everyone in Jaipur, making it the place for thrilling go-kart experiences

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    The Pink Falcon

    Managing Social Media and Marketing

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    The Pink Falcon